05/10/2018 – IoT SMART PLATFORM


Following the physiological test and certification process, the IoT SmartPlatform developed by Gruppo Filippetti is now becoming part of the Microsoft Azure catalogue for CO-Sell-Ready solutions aimed at the IoT Worldwide market.

Our IoT Smart Platform is the best cross-market solution – compatible with the main Cloud Providers – for bringing the intelligence and pervasiveness of IoT technologies to any context and managing, simply and in a customised manner, the recording, storage, and analysis of field data in real time. The Gruppo Filippetti platform is born use-ready, with the support of IaaS components and, if required, certain Azure PaaS components. The Edge Computing from Gruppo Filippetti, enriched with the integration of Azure IoT SDK components, as also successfully passed the certification tests and been made available in the Microsoft CO-Sell-ready catalogue.

Our technologies and the experience honed in the IoT world, covering Big Data and Analytics, bolstered by the Microsoft Azure IoT guarantee, allow us to present ourselves on the global market with a set of “best in class” solutions, strongly integrated with one another and characterised by robustness, simplicity, and great flexibility.

The Microsoft Azure IoT certification is, ultimately, a mark of the prestigious recognition granted to our R&D work and to all those who collaborated with us, with passion and great professionalism, in the creation of our peerless technological solutions.

Learn more about Azure Certified for IoT and explore the Azure IoT Suite today.

Learn more about Azure Certified for IoT and explore the Azure IoT Suite today.

05/10/2018 – IoT SMART NETWORK


The Microsoft Azure IoT certification allows companies to work with a device and platform ecosystem that allow them to substantially reduce production times. Gruppo Filippetti is developing and can offer a wide range of IoT devices (sensors, actuators, tags) designed and produced “in house” alongside a suite of multi-disciplinary IoT Smart Platforms dedicated to a standardised range of enterprise applications: safety, security, building, construction, manufacturing, predictive maintenance, logistics&tracking, mobility, and environmental, right up to advanced and integrated solutions for the creation of Smart Cities, all from a 4.0 view point. The Gruppo Filippetti certified IoT devices enable our Clients to easily and quickly create advanced, integrated, and scalable solutions.

“Our Clients ask us for complete solutions that are easy to use and that put process digitisation at the centre, guaranteeing increased service levels and making the complexity of the technology being implemented transparent. Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT confirms our ability to successfully launch our Client’s IoT projects, thanks to the combination of pre-tested devices, secure operative software, and robust Cloud Computing systems.” states Emiliano Anceschi, Gruppo Filippetti’s Head of Innovation. “Reducing the requirement for customisation and the operations required to ensure compatibility, Gruppo Filippetti has refined innovative solutions that allow Clients to bring IoT anywhere, helping them enable advanced solutions quickly and efficiently”.

Learn more about  Azure Certified for IoT explore the Azure IoT suite today.

12/11/2018 – MOBILITY 


SafeDrivePod, the company that refined the solution for reducing distractions when driving by limiting smartphone use, has been awarded the prestigious Fleet Safety Innovation Award. The prize was awarded on Thursday 11 October in Birmingham during the Fleet Safety Awards, the annual event organised by Brake, the charitable organisation for street safety.

Of the 9 companies short-listed, SafeDrivePod won the prize for “The product that does the most to improve fleet safety via innovation”, distinguishing itself with its pioneering approach and success in preventing driver distraction caused by smartphone usage.

The promoter and founder of SafeDrivePod, Paul Hendriks, declared: “The prize shows recognition of our objective which is that of avoiding thousands of deaths and injuries on the road all across the world. The distraction of a smartphone is one of the greatest threats to road safety. SafeDrivePod blocks the use of the telephone by the driver in a moving vehicle.”

The company, which has its headquarters in the Netherlands, operates in over 20 countries with many clients all across the world, including the managers and suppliers of fleet services, production companies, and insurance firms. In Italy, this revolutionary solution was put on the market by Evolvea Mobility, a company controlled by Gruppo Filippetti.

Further information: SaveDrivePod



The TWIN Model project for Naples Central Station was developed using an OPEN BIM methodology, in close collaboration with the Italian national rail association, the Ferrovie dello Stato Group (RFI and Grandi Stazioni Rail), and is aimed at creating a model of the current and future model, guaranteeing constant updating with the support and improvement of the management and maintenance processes. Starting with a laser scanner reading of the entire area (approx. 40 hectares), a BIM Model of the station was constructed, organising the data inside a CDE (Common Data Environment). A reference data library (RDL) was then created, reconstructing 12,500 pieces of equipment present in the station. The parametric geometry was redefined for every object modelled, completed with all the information needed to improve every management and maintenance process related to the assets.

The Geoweb software, in particular, has been used to integrate BIM software and digitisation Facility Management throughout the infrastructure’s entire life cycle. Geoweb is a framework born to create technical management applications based on open standards and protocols, and which are entirely customisable.

The development of Geoweb is currently oriented towards the implementation and use of BIM models throughout the entire life cycle of a building or work. The BIM models can, in fact, be uploaded and verified in both the design phase and during the work in order to be used during the management phase.

Geoweb Enterprise facilitates the upload of models produced from any BIM software in standard interchange formats (IFC) and the ability to organise a centralised DB in which models can be managed for processes, operative stages, or as per breakdown criteria of the property assets as also indicated by the main reference standards and methodologies.

“We are very proud to have contributed, with our solution, to the TWIN Model project for Naples Central Station, carried out by Minnucci Associati and the winner of this international award. We hope to collaborate on new projects in the future which are equally pioneering and capable of providing a relevant contribution both in terms of the management and of the maintenance of the assets,” commented Micol Filippetti, CEO of Gruppo Filippetti.



Gruppo Filippetti has been awarded the call for tender, issued by the Marche Region, for the I-Labs project, which aims to create collaborative platforms from an Industry 4.0 point of view, thanks to the involvement of the best industrial concerns and local scientific institutions, such as Marche Polytechnic University, the University of Camerino, the Fondazione Cluster Marche, the Meccano Research and Technology Transfer Centre, and numerous companies based in Marche.

I-Labs is at the dawn of a new era: in fact, the project kick-off meeting took place on 15 November in Jesi in the province of Ancona, at premises in the Ancona ZIPA industrial zone, which, in the next few years, will be home to the project’s laboratory.

As leader of the project, the Gruppo Filippetti is now at the forefront of global system integration, which has spread into many areas of our daily lives under the concept of “smartness”: from industry to automobiles to Public Administration to agriculture, all the way to the Smart City. In this case the Group has the task of guiding the companies involved in the project towards the future, taking care of robotics, industrial automation, IoT, and augmented reality in an interdisciplinary manner applied to multiple sectors: from the furniture sector to emerging realities, such as the food and automobile sectors.

Split into five operative lines, I-Labs includes two R&D projects, one technology transfer project, an innovative laboratory, and an interdisciplinary operation for the diffusion and valuation of the results, addressing a business fabric operating in multiple sectors. Thanks to the project, the Marche Region will now play host to a Laboratory and a Skills Centre for advanced technology which will make available the best local know-how and innovations in the field of collaborative research applied to industry, projecting into the context of a national and international market in continuous expansion and which will be also be able to instigate collaborations with the main international vendors and technology providers.

In addition to guiding the entire initiative, the Gruppo Filippetti is also the leader of the MERCURY project (sMart sEcuRe deCentralized indUstRY) with regard to IIot, Integration & Data Mining. The management of new models distributed and coordinated within the context of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), indeed, opens up new technological challenges that the research project will address, proposing the design and implementation of an industrial automation platform that will integrate Edge Computing and artificial intelligence components with Cybersecurity and DLT technology.

We are delighted to be leading this project and collaborating with such important local concerns”, declared Micol Filippetti, CEO of the Group, during the kick-off meeting. “To exceed ourselves and our limits, offering the basics for a proactive collaboration between different minds, people, and organisations is our approach, and this fully corresponds to the philosophy of the I-Labs project”.

“The Marche Region is thus confirmed as an institutional reference partner for our Group in supporting the growth and financing of research and innovation. For the moment, but in the hope that it will continue to be so in the future as well, I invite the region to continue to offer its support for innovation and growth via the publication of other measures, initiatives, and funding calls,” concluded Micol Filippetti.